Days of my life

with Anna

Feb 16 (fri) *huge drama + Toto stuff* Part 2

Part 2.... I know I left off where the counselor made me sit down with her. I'm gonna start off with what happened with Toto. Toto and I have been fighting for a long time, and since December-ish, we've been... Continue Reading →


Feb 16/2018 (fri) *huge drama?* part 1

Okayyyy. It's 2018. Happy new Year to you all. I haven't written in so long, I'm sorry. Is anyone reading anyway? I don't know why I stopped writing. I guess life was a little too normal. What are your new... Continue Reading →

August 3 (thurs, 1:08am)

'Sup. It's me. I bet y'all forget who I am. I wonder why I'm talking like this all of a sudden haha. A whole lot has happened. From feelings to injuries to drama to volleyball. I'm not sure where to... Continue Reading →

June 1 (thurs)

I'm in so much pain. Physically this time.  I don't think I understand what it's like to never feel pain in any part of your body.  I have pain where my shoulder attaches to the chest, pain in my elbow... Continue Reading →

June 1 (thurs)

I hate my English teacher. Yep, that's the start of my blog! So we have grammar studies due everyday. Usually people can finish them during the block. On Thursday (today at school) this assignment is due that we could only... Continue Reading →

May 30 (tues)

Hi again guys. I'm feeling better than yesterday, still quite fragile, but working my way through. I have Braids and Noodles to help me out. Possibly Toto too? I don't know how to act around Toto. He wants to kiss... Continue Reading →

May 30 (tues)

It's not exactly the 30th but it will be in 13 minutes.  I'm actually starting to worry about my science grade lol.  I was fine with it before, but now I'm actually screwed I guess. Currently I'm failing, 42.8%, but... Continue Reading →

May 29 (mon)

Hi again, Today I finally pulled through. I cried a lot, with Toto and Noodles during lunch. I poured my heart out, probably echoing in the hallway. I told Noodles about how I was feeling, this time in person. She... Continue Reading →

May 29 (mon)

Can't stop crying.  I can't shake the feeling off of me wanting to die.  Does anyone understand? 

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