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June 14/2018 (thurs)

I decided I won't talk to Toto anymore. Will my decision still be 'working' tomorrow? Who knows. He probably likes someone else, and we made it clear that he doesn't like me. When this happens, I feel like I'm just... Continue Reading →


June 13 /2018 (wed)

Every little thing is stressing me out. From Toto to Art to Green. School exams are soon and family friends want to have dinner with me. I don't have time for this, when I have a project due Monday that... Continue Reading →

June 6 /2018 (wed)

Beach volleyball was okay. We could've done better though, but I got some pretty exciting news. First, I got noticed by a very important coach named Mike. He saw Roast and I playing, and because Roast knows him from before,... Continue Reading →

May 29 /2018 (tues) Part 2

I am losing control of my life. I'm sorry if I'm sounding too poetic for you. I looked at a leaf spinning into the wind, and I thought that I was like that, but not as free. I think it's... Continue Reading →

May 29 /2018 (tues)

Tuesday is whack. 9:40am. It's when I always feel insecure and bad. Now it's 2:05, and I feel even worse. To everyone asking though, I'mĀ fine. Even one person can make you feel so terrible. The world is disgusting. I am... Continue Reading →

May 25 /2018 (fri)

Last Tuesday, Suicide attempt #1. It didn't go well. I was ready though, and I was letting go of the world. I cried, but afterwards, I just didn't care anymore. I was more appreciating the last minutes of the good... Continue Reading →

May 15 /2018 (tues) Part 2

Suddenly, I felt lost. I just don't wanna be around people anymore. I don't know why I feel like this, but I am so so sad. I feel like I could cry. My eyes are hot and I feel like... Continue Reading →

May 15 /2018 (tues)

Toto texted me saying he didn't like me anymore. (Hi Toto, I know you're reading!) I felt like I couldn't talk to him anymore, because he didn't like me anymore. Does that make sense? I feel selfish. It's not like... Continue Reading →

May 7 /2018 (sun)

I am severely stressed. Why, you ask? I don't know. I feel like something is gonna creep up behind me and surprise me. Maybe everything is alright. Maybe I'm trying to make things difficult for myself. Who knows though. I... Continue Reading →

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