I bet you’re like wow you’re back again. What a messed up life.

True that.

I went for a walk to get away from emotions and it worked. I took a break from everything, and walked on the beach. Sounds cliché.

I came back to find that my sunglasses has cracked and broke a little on the hinges and wanted superglue. I searched the drawers because I swear it was there, but then I remembered that my mother had thrown it away. Ugh, so I had to ask her for superglue?

So I went up to her, she was in my room,  laying on my bed, the folded laundry that I had placed still on the floor (her clothes), and I asked her, “can you buy me some superglue please?”

Her response was no. Go figure.

She said “Buy it yourself.” This happens to much honestly, everything other than volleyball I pay for. Volleyball supplies I pay for though, only things that are impossible for me to pay, but other than that, like if I need to buy food, snacks, school supplies, clothes (if they ripped or too tight), and superglue.

Okay, well, they’re a dollar at the dollarstore. Did you say that?

I have a total of $5 in my wallet, to live until some kind soul asks me for a babysitting job.

And when I go out with friends, if they’re eating something, I figured it would be nicer if I was eating too, or else I feel like it’s rude or they would be like “Anna are you okay?”.

So, I have to live with $5 or maybe even less for a while.

And she can’t even buy me superglue?

I also have a volleyball tournament coming up, and since it’s beach volleyball, my partner and I need to have matching clothes. I have to get a headband for $7 and a black nike sports bra for $42. Basically $50.

I asked my mom to get it for me and she asked me to pay her back once I have money. Of course, but I said okay.

She doesn’t allow me to work either. Like what? She thinks I’m gonna be really busy doing volleyball and train, going to the gym and such.

So I have this cleaning job at the B&B, which is pretty okay but they only ask once a week in the summer time.

I don’t know when I’ll have this job next, they still haven’t contacted me since last summer. They pay $20 to $25, which is good for working 2 or 3 hours, but I only go once a week, depending how many people are staying at the B&B. That would only pay for half or less for the beach volleyball wear.

I’m screwed.

I can’t trust my dad that much either, because, well, he’s an alcoholic, and his job doesn’t pay him well all the time.

So I’m stuck here guys.

Any donations?

Hahaha just kidding, I wouldn’t take anything from you guys.

Are there “you guys”??

Well whoever’s out there, reading this, I love you.

You guys are my stress-reliever, the person I go to when I need to talk.

Much love,