It’s not exactly the 30th but it will be in 13 minutes. 

I’m actually starting to worry about my science grade lol. 

I was fine with it before, but now I’m actually screwed I guess. Currently I’m failing, 42.8%, but I finished all of the assignments so I think I might be at like 46 or something and if I take the chemestry test I will probably pass. 

My teacher is funny but he doesn’t really care about me. I was in Japan, and I asked for all the assignments and he told me to wait and he told me to get it myself the next day. 

As for the chemestry review worksheet, he told me I have it and I have to find it but actually I never got it. 

For some subjects, I really try okay. 

And guess what surpises me. 

I’m doing science honors next year. 

Ugh please. 

But Toto will be there, he’ll help me out. (Fingers crossed, hopefully…)

I literally started laughing so hard when I got the sheet that says my grade on it, that big ol’ 42.8% F. 

anyways goodnight. 

I’ll update.