I’m in so much pain. Physically this time.

I don’t think I understand what it’s like to never feel pain in any part of your body.

I have pain where my shoulder attaches to the chest, pain in my elbow to my wrist, not just the underside of my forearm but the tanned side aswell. My thighs, my calves burn when I walk, and my lower back is really tense.

Also, yesterday afterschool I walked home carrying Braids on my back (with her backpack on her back and mine on my front) because she twisted her ankle (I don’t know what it is but it looks really painful).

I was totally fine with carrying her home from school but it was tough, no lie. The part where her legs wrapped around my hips hurt, but it’s not Braids’ fault but I think it’s because I don’t use that part of my body – just above the hip bone that’s not quite the lower back. They feel like bruises but they aren’t.

I feel like the carrying will get me stronger legs and I really want that so I secretly thank her.

When she twisted it and was hopping on one leg, I remembered I had some ankle wrap (because I’m a volleyballer and maybe even an undercover nurse who knows), I wrapped her ankle with it and I hope she felt okay after, though she might’ve been lying that it was better because she’s nice lol.

So that was my doctor-like action of the day.

One thing that annoyed me was Braids’ friend saw her being carried and when I asked her to hold her bag for me, she turned away and walked off because she didn’t want to help. Nice.

Goodnight because it’s 12:23 am June 1.

Woah wait.