I hate my English teacher.

Yep, that’s the start of my blog!

So we have grammar studies due everyday. Usually people can finish them during the block. On Thursday (today at school) this assignment is due that we could only start Wednesday because of this movie the assignment is based off of.

Last week we got an outline to do this major final story on Friday due this Monday that just passed. Now he wants us to finish the final story itself by Monday that’s coming up on top of all the other homework.

There is a Short story test tomorrow that everyone has to study for (and me read the stories that will be in it because I missed it when I went to Japan (Total of 7 stories in the test)). Also there is this pretty big “debates” assignment that we will have to do a ton of research on to get a good grade that’s due the monday that we have the final story due. Of course, there will be grammar everyday.

For me, I have creative writing where they are asking you to write a different final (good copy, edited) story by June 16.

For me again, I have a science test tomorrow for Biology (unit test so it’s pretty big), a Chemistry unit test at lunch, an asexual and sexual reproduction retest at lunch. I need to study for all of those.

I think my English teacher thinks that English is life and that it’s the only class we have, because if that were true I would be able to do it.

Aaaalso, I have a stay-over beach volleyball tournament on Friday till Saturday until late at night.

On Sunday I have a little bit of work at the B&B.

I’m so screwed, like I say many times.

I will be having the finals exam soon as well, and on top of that have grass volleyball every monday straight afterschool till 8:30, and aikido on Tuesday and Thursday until 8:00 ish.

Thanks world.

I guess it might be all my fault that I’m failing science but I did do all my homework when I was here before I left to Japan.

Wish me luck, even though I won’t need it because luck never listens to me and doesn’t help me out.