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May 3 /2018 (thurs)

Rumors spread. Living the teenage life I've come to realize that everyone talks about each other in a bad way to get attention. This girl, that was on my volleyball team, was talking to me at my friend's party on... Continue Reading →


Features (Poems??? April 30)

I'm not good at poems you see, or anything. But if you wanna read it still, go ahead. Lips  It's funny how  One kiss  Can be so precious  Heartbroken Or even meaningless    The timeless ones,  I live for, ones... Continue Reading →

Empty (Short Story, April 29)

I sat on the empty table with empty seats. The café is somewhat empty as well - here and there scattered across the room. The field across the street outside is wet and deserted. The rain repelled all the children... Continue Reading →

April 28 (sat)

I might have depression... lol. I don't know what I have to 'have' to be actually depressed. Some of my symptoms match - loss of appetite, disconnectedness, fatigue, hair loss. Art mentioned this for me after I asked him what... Continue Reading →

April 27 (fri)

Good morning. I feel like I'm emotionally stressed but don't have the time for it. I'm constantly hurting. Crying. Worried. Yesterday night I was irritated by every little thing. I was mad, for just little stupid things like having bangs... Continue Reading →

April 25 (wed)

I'm just a different person at night. I'm sorry to everyone who I cause annoyance during these times. In the day, I see the sun and I am sociable, but at night everything is a nightmare. I almost become a... Continue Reading →

April 25 (wed, 1am)

Being called ungirly is bad. It just is. It hurts deep down, and I know I'm supposed to be girly and cute. And I should know that that's not who I am, not even close. It hurts when the person... Continue Reading →

April 18 (wed)

I want to have a romance like the movies. I want to go to the ocean at 11 at night, jump in the freezing cold water and laugh like idiots, be cold and walk back barefoot. We would lie down... Continue Reading →

Mary had a Little Lamb (flash fiction, April 16)

Note: Hi guys, Please let me explain first. Read this at the end if you'd like if you wanna read the story first and see if you understand. I'm still editing it because it's still a little confusing.  This story... Continue Reading →

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