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May 28 (sun) LIFE RANT 2

So you made it through part 1? Have a cup of tea my friend. Good job. I have a lot to say about my friends. Or the people that I cut off from my life, like Burger. Do you remember... Continue Reading →


May 28 (sun) LIFE RANT

Hey y'all. It's been a while, I know. I'm sorry. I was in Japan and a lot of things have happened. Honestly I don't think you want to hear everything about my trip, but it was fun. I saw my... Continue Reading →

Dear Mother (Short story? April 10)

(Starting off, thx y'all, and also, this is fiction. I wrote it but it's not true.) Dear Mother,     You may have noticed me gone. That is an accomplishment for me. I fled away - from you.     You -  mum -... Continue Reading →

Agartha (Novel, April 10)

    The wind whistled by the dry oak leaves as I disturbed the peace of the nature with the clopping of my shoes hitting the concrete pavement. A swoosh of wind hit me hard as I turned the corner of the... Continue Reading →

April 10 (mon)

Yoo guys! I haven't been updating you at all! Well starting off, I had a lot of things going on today, like my creative writing portfolio due, which has 3 pieces of writing (and my teacher said that she likes... Continue Reading →

March 23 (thurs)

Hi readers. I hope there are readers. It's spring break so today I sat in my bed doing nothing but watch some stuff write a little for the novel that's due a little after spring break. Not close to being... Continue Reading →

March 19 (sun)

Yo bro. Its been a while again. Its finally spring break and everyone is like "peace" and went to Hawaii or some kind of tropical place. I'm jealous and they all send snapchats of Maui and stuff and I'm just... Continue Reading →

March 9 (thurs)

Yo Today I went to go to my old middle school to do some course selection help for my teacher for my current high school. I was taken out of class 30 minutes after math had started, and gone just... Continue Reading →

March 8 (wed)

hey guys. Sorry I haven't been writing for a long time. Things have been busy. Toto and I have been arguing a lot recently. It's not like super bad arguments but you know, they're still bad in it's own way.... Continue Reading →

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